Electric Blue Pet Marron - Stunning Addition to Your Pet Fish

True Blue Marron is a family owned and run marron farm situated in the south west region of Western Australia, specialising in the sale of pet marron for private aquariums.

Pet marron are a fine addition to any aquarium, particularly electric blue marron. Unique to certain areas of Western Australia, electric blue pet marron are a true natural phenomenon. No images can fully portray the intensity of the blue colour, it is necessary to see them with your own eyes!

Their vibrant colour contrasts well with pet fish and other aquarium occupants. Due to their unique shape, character and activity, pet marron provide variety to your aquarium experience that cannot be achieved with pet fish alone!

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Pet Marron Get Along With Pet Fish

Pet marron not only add a dash of colour to your aquarium, they happily cohabitate with all other kinds of pet fish. In our years of experience, we have never encountered any problems between pet marron and pet fish, provided that there is adequate room for all of your aquarium’s inhabitants and some landscaping.

View our online gallery for images of pet marron cohabitating peacefully with other pet fish.

Introducing Pet Marron to Your Aquarium

Prior to the arrival of your pet marron it is important to prepare your tank. Water quality, pH levels and temperature will play a part in creating the most favourable environment. Once this has been achieved and your pet marron have arrived, you should slowly acclimatise them from the temperature of packaging to the temperature of the tank. For more information on this please refer to the 'marron fact sheet' that will accompany your pet marron.

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Taking Care of Pet Fish and Marron

Many ask whether pet marron pose a danger to pet fish. Technically marron are omnivores and as such enjoy a varied diet of both protein and plant matter, but we have found that the best diet you can provide your marron is one of the commercially available marron pellets.  This ensures that their dietary requirements are being met. Stringent quality control keeps the protein and mineral levels constant. It also means your pet marron will not pose any threat to your other pet fish.

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