All Kinds of Marron for Sale

We have marron for sale to cater for private and commercial purposes across Australia and overseas. The shell colour of marron can be red, brown, black or, most famously, electric blue.

We have all of these different colours of marron for sale, as standard and electric blue marron have very different purposes. Electric blue marron are fish friendly and add an extra dash of colour to your aquarium. Our standard marron for sale are cheaper and ideal for eating.

We can also assist in developing your own pond with our breeding marron for sale or juvenile marron from our “flyer” and “super marron” ranges.

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Electric Blue Marron for Sale

True Blue Marron are the world’s premier provider of electric blue marron for sale. Unique to certain areas of Australia, electric blue marron are a true natural phenomenon. No images can fully portray the full intensity of the blue colour, you have to see it with your own eyes!

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Electric Blue Marron for Aquariums

Electric blue marron are a fine addition to any aquarium. Their colour contrasts well with other aquarium occupants. Due to their unique shape, character and activity they provide variety to your aquarium experience that cannot be achieved with fish alone.

We have never encountered any problems with having electric blue marron living with other types of fish.  Provided that there is adequate room for all occupants and some landscaping within the tank there should be no problems at all.

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Marron for Sale - Consumption

Low in fat and with a delicate flavour, marron are highly regarded by chefs all over the world as a fine seafood. Generally standard marron are sold for consumption purposes. Electric blue marron do not taste any different, but due to their colouring they are more expensive.

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