Blue Marron - Similar to the Blue Yabby

Blue marron, like the blue yabby, are an Australian freshwater crustacean. The blue yabby is specifically bred for its vibrant colour and are quite popular in the aquarium trade in Australia, while the standard coloured yabbies are bred for consumption purposes. The uses of blue yabby are therefore very similar to that of blue marron.

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Alternative to the Blue Yabby

Electric blue marron are an ideal alternative to the blue yabby, particularly because marron are local to Western Australia. The blue yabby species is most commonly found in Victoria and New South Wales but has been introduced to Western Australia. However, the blue yabby has been classified as an invasive species that poses a significant threat to local crayfish.

The recovery rate of meat per marron is the highest of all crustaceans, including the blue yabby, at around 40 – 50%. The flavour of marron is quite subtle, slightly sweet with nutty overtones and a firm consistency. Another advantage of marron over blue yabby is that regardless of size, marron retain the same delicate taste and texture. 

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Pet Yabbies for the Aquarium

Pet yabbies are highly popular because they are generally low-maintenance and only need to be fed every two days or so. Those that have been specifically bred with the electric blue colour are the pet yabbies most sought after because they make a unique, colourful addition to the tank.

Just like marron, pet yabbies are omnivores. They will normally eat rotting plants, but sometimes pet yabbies will also eat some meat off dead fish.

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Marron as an Alternative to Pet Yabbies

Much like pet yabbies, pet marron make fine additions to any aquarium. The reason many choose marron over pet yabbies is that pet yabbies are territorial and will fight or eat other aquarium inhabitants if they feel too confined. Pet yabbies are known to eat goldfish and similar pet fish.

Marron are much easier to take care of in an aquarium situation. Blue yabbies fall into hibernation in water temperatures below 20 degrees Celsius and cannot survive in waters above 25 degrees, whereas marron can live comfortably in waters anywhere between 12 and 30 degrees.

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