Aquarium Marrons and Australian Fish

For the aquarium buyer, marron are a colourful addition to your tank, especially as they get along with other Australian fish.

Aquarium marrons contrast well with other Australian fish, thanks to their unique, intense colour. Because of their shape, character and behaviour, aquarium marrons provide a variety to your aquarium experience that you cannot achieve with other Australian fish alone. 

Aquarium marrons are entertaining and social, as they are not a burrowing crustacean they won’t upset your aquarium’s formation.

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Aquarium Marrons and Australian Fish

We have never encountered any problems with marron living with other Australian fish.  Provided that there is adequate room for all marron and Australian fish and some landscaping within the tank there should be no problems at all.

Problems could arise if your tank is over populated as marron are somewhat territorial and like to have their own space at times away from the other Australian fish.

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Preparing Your Tank for Aquarium Marrons

It is important to remember that aquarium marrons can climb - if there is a way to climb out, they will find it!  It is important to note that most town water contains high levels of chlorine which can kill marron.  To prevent this, rain water should be used to top up tanks. If rain water is unavailable you need to aerate the water for 48 hours prior to adding to your pond or tank.

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Caring for Aquarium Marrons

Marron are a very hardy species, however, there are several factors that will help them survive longer.  Salinity levels in your tank must be kept low. Aquarium marrons can survive in saline water, but if the levels reach 15 parts per thousand (ppt) deaths may occur.  Salinity levels from 6ppt and above will decrease the growth rate of your marron.  

Oxygen levels also need to be maintained.  These levels need to maintained above 6 parts per million (ppm) in order to keep aquarium marron happy.  Levels of 3ppm and below will stress the animals out and deaths may occur.

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